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- Simple, Easy, Inexpensive with CompassDB™!

CompassDB™ automates, simplifies, reduces effort, reduces overall costs, increases compliance and reduces liabilities.

A compliance management platform providing a solution for managing compliance and risk management.

Covered Entities and Business Associates

  • Reduces Liabilities
    • Rapidly increases level of compliance
    • Helps develop and manage required HIPAA Body of Evidence
  • Significantly reduces time, effort and overall cost
    • Automates the Compliance Process
    • Performing the required annual Risk Assessment (Security Risk Analysis) is as easy as Turbo Tax!
    • Over 75% decrease in required man hours
    • No on-staff HIPAA expert required or research needed
    • Integrated up-to-date training
    • Integrated and maintained custom policies and procedures
    • Ready-to-Use Contingency Plan
    • Business Associate compliance tracking and agreement management
  • Simplifies and Automates full compliance and audit reporting
    • All in an easy to use Dashboard to manage your ongoing HIPAA Compliance.

Service Providers

  • Reduces time to complete client RA.
  • Allows more time to have more paying clients.
  • Increase revenues with more clients.
  • Foundation for Multi-Year Contracts to Increase Client Retention
  • Substantially Improves Consultant’s Efficiency
  • Higher Margins
  • Expands Client Base
  • Increases Revenue Through Sales of Additional Services
  • Consulting Leads generation through Self-Assessment prospects and clients

Partner Summary

Increases customer retention through multi-year contracts by managing their compliance data.  Expands market penetration with self-assessments, providing additional revenue sources from self assessments, policies and procedures, training, and other services such as cyber security.



In the mean time if you would like to see how compliant your organization is, take a look at HIPAA Compliance Quick Check! Gone are the days of worrying if you are compliant and about to get breached and have to pay large fines.

Features at a Glance

  • 250_00_Dashboard-minExecutive HIPAA Compliance Dashboard™
    • Easy to navigate
    • Simple color charts compliance reporting
    • Maintains HIPAA compliance information (Body of Evidence)
  • 250_01_Risk_Register_List-minSimple step-by-step risk assessment and remediation guidance
    • Prioritized remediation with automatic updating of compliance report
    • Provides storage for related documents and forms
  • HIPPA Training
    • Centralized online management for your entire organization.
    • Modular videos
    • Tracks each employees progress, sends reminders
    • Provides certificate of completion
  • Policies & Procedures
    • Customized to your organization.
    • 25 Privacy, 23 Security
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Breach Notification Plan
    • Contingency Plan and Emergency Response Plan
  • Business Associates are tracked and managed.
  • Automated full compliance and audit reporting
  • Always available in a secure cloud, providing complete compliance management.
  • Performing the required annual Risk Assessment (Security Risk Analysis) is as easy as Turbo Tax!
  • PCI, OSHA, etc. will be supported.